As a church we are committed to integral mission. Our proclamation of Jesus and our pursuit of social justice are integrated in to all our life and witness. We seek to grow in our being Jesus centred and we seek to extend his hope to all of Glebe and beyond. Developing and maintaining partnerships which enable us to extend the hope of Jesus beyond our immediate community, are both important and challenging.

We support:

TEAR, in its aid and development work, inparticular, helping to provide practical care for those living in India with HIV.

Kate Dalitz working with CMS in Nepal.

These are our major partners, drawing on our rental income and people's individual giving.

We also support BCA (Bush Church Aid society) and other special projects as designated ministries, with individual congregation members regularly contributing money and time. 

We must grow our partnerships beyond Glebe. The whole world needs to receive the hope Jesus brings.  The Millennial Development Goals (MDG's), developed by the United Nations to halve world poverty by 2015, are important for every church to embrace, as we live out their mission to be the people of God.

St John's supports the MDG's through encouraging the senior minister in his chairing the national steering committee of Micah Challenge, a coalition of organisations, churches and individuals advocating that Australia does its fair share in achieving the MDG's. 

We give thanks to all within our community, who have a strong commitment to such partnerships; those who give, those who make jam, those who distribute boxes, those who advocate, those who pray and, God willing, those who go.

An excellent place to look at matters of theology, social engagement, mission and justice is the Jubilee Centre, based in the UK.